Krista Baer Music

Beautiful Miracle

Justin and I tried for years with no success to have children. After four years we had given up hope and began looking into adoption. We went to our bishop to begin the application process for LDS Social Services. He told us he felt inspired that we should wait. I wasn't very pleased with this interview and felt that we had waited plenty long already. Within a month of this meeting I found out I was pregnant. When Ethan was born it was truly a miracle. The first time I looked at him I heard this song in my head. When Erik was born, we considered it no less a miracle. But it wasn’t until Erik was almost 2 years old that I was able to put words to the song and give it a voice. Erik had been sick and at 18 months weighed the same as he had at a year. After many intensive tests, the Dr. discovered a severe heart defect. His heart had swelled in his chest to almost 3 times its normal size, and there was a hole in his heart valve. We were devastated by the diagnosis. Along with our family and friends, we fasted and prayed. Erik received a priesthood blessing. When we returned to the pediatric cardiologist for the follow-up visit, there was no heart-defect, and nothing to indicate that there ever had been one. Within a few days he began gaining weight, his health was vastly improved, and he has never had problems with it since. I know that not all prayers are answered in quite this way, and I'm not sure why Erik was healed so miraculously, but that night, I sat down and wrote the rest of the song. When Isaac, our third boy was born, I would sing this song to him as I rocked him at night. I think anyone who has ever loved a child knows what a miracle each one of these precious spirits truly is. The song has worked as a love song for all 3 of my children, and I can't imagine my life without a single one of them. Now I am pregnant with our fourth child. This one's a girl, so I'm not sure I can sing to her "my beautiful baby boy," so I think another love song or lullaby is going to have to be in the works soon....
Long, endless nights I prayed for a child of my own
Then my joy became full when you were born
Now that you’re here I know that you are the one,
The one I’ve been waiting for.
My miracle, my life’s greatest joy,
My beautiful baby boy.
My prayers were answered with you.
Holding you close that first time I looked in your eyes,
I knew you were the one I’d lived for and with you, my son, my life has begun
Beautiful miracle, angel from heaven,
My life’s greatest joy, My beautiful baby boy.


I love you with all of my soul, and I’ll spend my life loving you.
My life’s greatest joy, My beautiful baby boy
Words cannot say how much I love you.


For all of my life it was you that I had been waiting for.
Now that you’re here I know that you are the one,
The one I’ve been waiting for.


My life’s greatest joy, My beautiful baby boy.