Krista Baer Music

Tell Me Again

Luke 2:7-14,   Alma 7:10-12

"Tell Me Again" is a very simple arrangement of the song "Silent Night."  This song came into being because of my sweet, tender-hearted boys.  Every night during the Christmas season, and even for several months afterward, they would ask me to stand at their bedside and sing Silent Night.  Even though it is a song they have heard countless times, they never tire of hearing it again.  One night, my oldest asked, "Please sing that Christmas song again mom.  The one that tells about the night Jesus was born."  Then the other boys chimed in with, "yes, sing it again, sing it again."  That night, I heard this countermelody in my head as I sang to them.



 Tell me again of the child of Bethlehem
 Of the night a new star filled the Holy Heaven.


 Tell of Shepherds who would heed the angels' call
 Leaving their flocks behind to seek the Lord of all.


 Tell how Mary held her child so tenderly
 And how Jesus was born for me.


 Silent Night, Holy Night
 All is calm, all is bright


 Round yon virgin mother and child
 Holy Infant so tender and mild.


 Sleep in Heavenly Peace.
 Sleep in Heavenly Peace.