Krista Baer Music

To Show God's Love

Alma 36:20-22, 28;  Helaman 5:42, 46-48


Revelation 21:4

A few years ago, I was flipping through my old set of seminary scriptures. I had such an amazing Book of Mormon seminary teacher, and this particular set of scriptures was rather dog-eared and very well marked. I noticed in particular the pages of Helaman, chapter five. Not only had I outlined almost every word in highlighter, I had also drawn musical notes around the margins of the entire page. I'm not sure what music I had been hearing all those years ago, but as I re-read the familiar verses, I knew that this was a song I was meant to write. I have always loved the story of Alma and Amulek surrounded by fire, converting all the Lamanite guards in the prison as they realized to which source they needed to look to dispel the darkness. The description of the voice they heard as being "a pleasant voice, as if it were a whisper," was such an acute description of how I have felt the Spirit's quiet promptings in my own life. The other words came unbidden to my mind as I realized the other scripture references which also fit so well with this moving story. This was a song that took months to get started, but once the music started coming, it never stopped. I love the message in these scriptures of the Lord's plan of Happiness for us, His children, to show us how much He loves each of us.



The Savior of the world, God’s own begotten Son
Come to earth from heaven, a perfect, sinless man.
But His life was given to fulfill the Father’s perfect plan.


He sent His son to prepare the way for men
That through Him we might return to God again
In a world of sin and sorrow, there could be no other way.
So a Savior would come
To show the world God’s love


The Spirit calls to me, a pleasant, whispered voice
I lift my eyes to heaven and feel a fire within.
His love can reach and raise me up, if I come unto Him.


I cry to Him and find peace within my soul
His light and joy fill my heart and make me whole
I will praise His name forever, give my life to follow Him.
For the Savior has come
To show the world God’s love.


I cry to Him and find peace within my soul
His light and joy fill my heart and make me whole
There will be an end to sorrow, God shall wipe away all tears
When the Savior comes again
To show the world God’s love.