Krista Baer Music

Songs of Faith and Family

This website was designed so that anyone may have free access to downloadable MP3s and sheet music of my original songs and arrangements. Many of these songs have been written as I have been influenced at different times in my life by the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are a witness to my testimony of His life and divinity. I have included the lyrics, as well as the story behind each song. I hope you enjoy the music, but more importantly, I hope you feel the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ and the hope and peace that can come only through Him.

Krista Baer is the owner of the copyright of all music on this site, including recordings. Please feel free to use any of this music for personal, family, church, or other non-commercial use. All other rights are reserved, including the creation of derivative works. All songs were written and performed by Krista Baer