"Come," arranged by Krista Baer and performed by talented missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Original Hymns: "Come, Come Ye Saints," (English folk song, text by William Clayton)
"Praise to the Man," (Scottish folk song, text by William W. Phelps).

The first version of this song was written as part of the Emma Smith musical that I will most likely never get around to finishing. When my oldest was on his mission, Covid happened, and missionaries were looking for ways to share the gospel virtually. It felt like a good time to pull this out and make some tweaks to the musical version and make it more "ward choir" appropriate so my son could sing it with some of the missionaries in his area. This arrangement is the result.

The video you can access using the button below was created to celebrate the message shared by our missionaries around the world every day. It is the same message that was shared by the prophet, Joseph Smith. It is the message that was sung by Latter-day Saints in 1847 as they crossed the plains to Utah. It is the message still declared by our Savior, Jesus Christ. An invitation to Come.

Come and learn, come and see, come and belong, come and follow Him. This is not an official video of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but was created in celebration of our faithful missionaries, and of "Pioneer Day," which is celebrated in Utah every year on July 24th to mark the arrival of the pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley. I am so grateful for pioneers who led the way in gathering the Saints to Zion, and even more grateful for the thousands of young men and women who so selflessly sacrifice their all in order to invite all to gather with us, wherever they may be in the world. If you would like more information about what our missionaries do, and more importantly, why they choose to do it, please visit to learn more.