Based on the 16th Century English Carol

This was another arrangement that came about as a matter of necessity in programming music for a Jr High Christmas concert. I absolutely love the song, "A-Soalin'," by Dr. Ronald Staheli, which he performed with the BYU Singers, and this is my incredibly simplified version of the same medley of songs he used in his arrangement. It takes it's primary melodies from two 16th Century English Carols: "Heigh-Ho, nobody home," and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." We had a set of tone chimes in my classroom and this was a perfect way to use them in our Christmas Concert, so there is a short, optional bell part written into the accompaniment.

For instant download, click the buttons below, or you can preview the PDF and a midi recording of the song - it's not a great recording, just a midi playback from finale, sorry! I hope to get a real recording of the piece sometime soon.